Gustav Ralmark


Developing a spaceish boatish game, Page created 2018-03-16

Update: 2018-10-26


+Tuned quest system

+Quest UI - Top Right

Update: 2018-10-12




+Looking to purchase fitting character GFX

+Double video!

+Found nice game music (not for this game): Tubeyou

Update: 2018-09-28


+Sell, and buy



+You can die :(>

Update: 2018-09-21

Not official dev day, so I could improve feelings and non gameplay related stuff

Update: 2018-09-14

Ahh, the 80s!

The polar ices have melted; there is now only water left

We managed to survive, but the living conditions are harsh.

You start off with nothing, with only plastic bottles to collect. Maybe you will be the world leader some day?

Update: 2018-09-07

After some time thinking and arguing with myself, I desided to can the game, why?
*Design flawed
*Project became too big
No biggie, I have started a new project with better scope, better target and with a lot easier design.
If you watched the movie Waterworld, you might feel where I am going

Warning - Canned project below!

Update: 2018-05-25

+Polished world map

+Iterated two one the graphics

+Skippable message UI

+Clearer buildtimes for sections bigger than one tile

+Multiple characters

Update: 2018-05-09

+Polished planet shader

+Added more sound feedback

+Better mission UI

+Proper levelprogression

+Love lambdas, especially lambdas in lambdas

Update: 2018-04-27

+Added proper "level support"

+Added world diferences with a shader planet and black hole

+Added object UI

+Added Win UI

+Starting to like lambdas

?Video have black artifacts?

Nifty eggtimer class with callback:

Update: 2018-02-13